Day 7- 3 Gift Ideas for Artists!


Today I have 3 gift ideas for dolls!


Inspired by Saige, this is great and simple.

I am making it for Saige, but any doll who likes art will love it!

Gift 1-Sweet Stationary


(Yes I am using a CLEAN Kleenex)

You need

1. Mini Post it Notes

2. a doll sized pen

3. Something to wrap it with

4. Ribbon

Let’s start

1. Take three mini packs of post it notes

2. And a pen

3.  Wrap them

4. and tie your ribbon around!

Gift 2-Artist accessories


You need

1. Mini Beret or apron (I found a beret at Toys r us)

2. Thin Cardboard

3.picture of your doll

4. glue

5. Scissors

Let’s Get Started

The Frame

1. Cut out a picture of your doll

2. Glue it on to your Cardboard

3. Cut out a small piece of cardboard

4. Bend it

5.Glue on to the back of cardboard

6. Optional- Add a boarder

Now put it in with the hat and/or apron!

Gift 3- Painters Palette


You’ll need

1. White Foam

2. Crayons

3. Scissors

Let’s Get Started!

1. Cut a piece of foam

2. Break crayons in half!

You’re done! Please comment and tell me if you have other suggestions for gift ideas! Anything-Dance,horses,gymnastics!





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