Marie-Grace’s room, Kitchen. and Living room!


Sorry this took so long to get uploaded! πŸ™‚


An over view. Her bed is from IKEA. Her pillow & bedding is handmade.The bedside table is 3 AG boxes!


The lamp is an ornament, the mirror is from my mom, the box is from my grandma,the pot is random, and the other things are Marie-Graces!


The posters are both AG.


The animals are from Ugly doll, an ornament, and the last is a gift from a dear friend.


An overview of the living room!


The Couch is a box that I store Marie-Grace’s clothes in. The pillow is homemade!


The fireplace is a shoebox and I covered it in scrapbook paper. The fire is battery operated TEA lights. The clock is from Target, The dolphin is from OBX, the sewing machine is handmade, and the DC Monument is from DC! πŸ™‚


The easel is from Michael’s. I am holding it up by 2 boxes! πŸ™‚


An overview. If you would like a detailed tour please let me know!

Bye! πŸ™‚



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