Leibester Award!

Hi! Guess what? I got nominated for the Leibester award from AGDTime!


Here are my answers to her questions:

Pleasant company or AG? probably AG!

Which doll do you want next? Isabelle or Cecile, probably Isabelle

Saige or Isabelle? Saige!

Summer or winter? I like winter, but only December!

Fall or spring? Spring because my birthday is in spring!

Bittys or 18 inch? I like Bittys but I prefer 18 inch!

Youtube or Blog? Blog!

Favorite hobbie? Photography but I like to dance and swim!

Favorite game? Mancala (Board game) but I like soccer (If that counts!)

iPad or iPhone? Meh, iPad because I can blog!

Favorite color? Lime green!

Now, I nominate……..

1.The Saltys http://www.thesaltysadollblog.blogspot.com

2.Doll Delight http://www.dolldelightblog.com

3.Amaya from Fun with AGFan http://www.funwithagfan.blogpspot.com

4.Jen from AG Doll play http://www.agdollplay.blogspot.com

5.Juliet XD http://www.chesnutstreetdolls.blogspot.com

6. The doll wardrobe http://www.thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com

7. Galaxy AG Dolls http://www.mckennagirloftheyear.blogspot.com

8. Doll-licous http://www.agdoll-icous.blogspot.com

9. Doll-it-up http://www.doll-it-up.com

10. Kit from http://www.kitswonderfulworld.wordpress.com

11. Letters from the dolls! http://www.lettersfromthedolls.blogspot.com

Now, the questions!

1. Favorite sport?

2. Favorite new AG item?

3. McKenna or Isabelle?

4. Spring or Summer?

5. Winter or Fall?

6. Buttered popcorn or no butter?

7. Winter break or Spring break?

8. Marie-Grace or Cecile?

9. Which Girl of the year are you most like?

10. Cheese  or bacon?

11. Tacos or no tacos?

Now, if you were nominated, Pick answer these questions ON YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!

And pick 11 bloggers and make 11 questions! Please comment if you need help!



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