Leibester Award! (2)


Guess what? I got the Leibester award AGAIN!


It is from Forever love dolls! (AKA Izzy!)

Now, let’s answer her questions!

Apples or oranges? Apples!

If you had to move to Europe, where would you live? London, probably.

Who is your idol? My Mom!

Maplelea or Springfield? If it’s dolls, Springfield!

If you had to give 1 doll away, who would it be?  Ummmm………..Maybe Marie-Grace…… Only because Saige isn’t available and Elizabeth is my 1st doll!

What is your dream car? Mini Cooper

What would you rename Saige? Pandora

If you could travel back in time, what period would you go to? Colonial times

Do you have any siblings, if so how many? Yes, 1.

What is your favorite cake flavor? Strawberry cupcake!

What is your favorite school subject? English, history and Math. (Sorta math!)

That’s it!

I nominate:

The Salty Breeze






An American Girl Life


Here are the questions!


1. What kind of camera do you use?

2. How long have you been blogging?

3. Who is your best doll-friend?

4. Who is your owner’s (If you are a doll!) best friend?

5. Do you walk from school, ride the bus, or get picked up?

6.Mexican food or Chinese food?

7.Dogs or cats?

8.AG or Pleasant company?

9.Do you read Itsadollworld blog?

10.Ballet or Tap?

11.Marie-Grace or Cecile?

Bye! ❤







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