Day 2- 5 Things to do with…… SEASHELLS!

Hi! Today is five things to do with seashells!

So, you know how when you go to the beach you find those big bags of shells and you throw them in you closet, right?

Well, I’m going to show you what to do with those! Let us begin!


1. Frames- I’m obsessed, you could say, with these frames I put together! I love them! You simply just take a frame, put seashells inside or out and Viola!


2. Bowls- I like to display shells in bowls so I took a nice, small bowl and I displayed them in it.


3. Pillows! I love that beach house feel (as if you haven’t guessed!) even if my closest “beach” is a great lake :p.

You can make this by gluing a shell to a pillow!


4. Put them in a jar! You can do this by putting mini shells in a mini bottle (so much mini!) and it’s cute for a table or counter!


5. Coffee table set! As you know, I love the beach house feel so I put some shells on my coffee table!

Hope these helped!




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