Day 5 & 6- How Saige Packs for a Day at the BEACH!


Well, speaking of beaches and water, we’re having major flooding here. :p

Don’t worry, we’re OK! Anyhow, Saige is going to show you how she packs for the beach! Passing it onto Saige now! See you!



My bag! This is super important! I mean, where else can I put my stuff? Seriously.


Ella made this towel a while back. You could use a hand towel, too.


You can’t forget your swimsuit. This is extremely important!


I like to bring a book, so I can work on summer reading.


I also recommend sunglasses!


Or a hat.


We also like to bring a cooler of treats!


I hope you enjoyed! See you soon!





4 thoughts on “Day 5 & 6- How Saige Packs for a Day at the BEACH!

  1. The storms here were horrible last week! I’m in Southeastern PA. We had those horrible downpours the week of June 10. Then last week we were vacationing in western PA and had several bad storms role through Wednesday night. Glad to hear you are okay.

    Love the way Saige is packed for the beach. She could do a “What’s in my Beach Bag” article for Coastal Living magazine. 🙂

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