New AG Releases- Our Thoughts… Pets


Time for our thoughts on the new AG release! We will do pets now and the rest later! 🙂




Coconut- Meh, he’s Ok, I guess… I liked old Coconut.


Corgi- I don’t like how the pets have the same toys. I wish they were different colors.


Chocolate Lab- I personally liked the old pets better.


Dalmatian- OK, I guess.


Apricot Poodle Puppy- OK, this dog looks WAY too much like Honey. Seriously, when will AG make a Yellow Lab????


Himalayan Cat- I love this cat. Maybe for Saige.


Jeweled Collar and Leash- Meh.


Spiky Collar and leash- Uh… isn’t it “American Girl”?


Blossoms Collar and Leash- OK, I do like this.


Charming pet collar- That is cute, I guess.


Pet Ballerina Set- Too “Barbie” for me.


Sporty Pet Outfit- I don’t know what I’d use this for.


Pet Camping Outfit- This is sorta cute. But I wouldn’t buy it.


Preppy Pet Outfit- I don’t like this.                         Petal Pet Outfit- I kinda like this.



Cuddles and Cures Pet Set- Ok, for girls who want to be vets, this is PERFECT! (If you’re reading this Bella, I’m talking to you!:)


Bath Set- I think this is too much like the old one.


Food set- I don’t like it.


Pet birthday Set- Too much like the old one.


Princess pet bed- Ugg.                                   Funky pet bed- Sure is something.         Flower pet bed- Cute.


Pet carrier set- Ok, cute!



All opinions are our own




17 thoughts on “New AG Releases- Our Thoughts… Pets

  1. I’m soooo sorry that I haven’t been commenting on your posts! Somehow, we weren’t following you anymore. Anyways, I hate all of the new pets too, except for the Dalmatian.

  2. I totally agree! Pretty much the only pets I like are the kitten and the Dalmatian. The pet outfits are weird, I don’t really like when people dress their pets! I do like the carrier though. And I usually change my mind about AG’s stuff when it fist comes out! Sorry for the longish comment 🙂

  3. I agree, the pets were fine the way they were. and now the have way to many outfits! i think dressing your pet is weird. the outfits are okay for a real pet but for a TOY? I would never buy the outfits for my toy or for my real pet. ~Leah

  4. I disagree about the new pets. While some are cuter than other now that they are posable all the bloggers who do stop motions will have greater possibilities for the pets they use.

    Regarding the leashes and beds…I like that there is a spiky collar…not all pets are female. I don’t think Meatloaf would like wearing a pink collar much. He’s a boy. Now if they hadn’t give the bulldog a name and I named it Queenie then the pink would work.

    Pet accessory sets…the treats and party set are annoying…cats wouldn’t like a bone shaped cake. Same with the pattern on the funky bed. I love it accept for the bone.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the new releases. Keep up the good work.

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  6. I don’t get it why Ag sells the outfits for pets.
    No real pets would wear that. I guess they are a little bit cute? Maybe?
    I think the cat is cute.
    I personally would never buy a pet for my doll, I mean I have a ton of stuffed animals I could use.

  7. I so agree! I hate all the pets and they all look like the old version. The vet set is pretty cute but I’ll just make my own. I can my own collar and leash too! 😦 Very disappointed, and I think the bath set is a copy of the old one.

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