We’re Alive! + Some Fabulous Prizes!

We’re Alive in case you’re wondering. Just so you know. Sorry, but we’ve been extremely busy with camp, sports, and just plain out life. Anyhow. You’re here for dolls. Not for my crummy explanation. Continue reading for dolly goodness.

We have recently had a very fortunate “lucky streak”. Very, Very, very lucky. We have won two giveaways in the past month, not counting American Girl Fan’s giveaway prize which I believe is shipping.


I Love American Girl

From Eunice I won an Isabelle Paper doll, a bookmark, and a Rainbow Loom Bow for my dolls.


Here’s Marie-Grace and Elizabeth.


A closer look.

Note: Bookmark and Bow not shown. Along with original package and note for safety reasons.

American Girl Crafts and Fun

From Amaya I won the doll s’mores set from AGCessories.



I did post a picture of the package for this one but my mom had Eunice’s at the moment.


She sent a nice note.




Doll Milk!



Roasting Thingy!


Isabelle and Saige Enjoyed them!

I hope you enjoyed and tell me in the comments if you’d like a post on our prize coming on the mail. Bye!


I am not trying to brag, by the way.






8 thoughts on “We’re Alive! + Some Fabulous Prizes!

  1. Not bragging at all. It is proper etiquette to post about your winnings and give thanks. 😀 Congratulations on great wins. I’m looking forward to seeing these items pop up in posts.

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