New AG Releases! Our thoughts….. MAG & GOTY Isabelle!

Hello! Time for MAG and GOTY parts of the AG release! If you missed Part 1 CLICK HERE!!!!!

Let’s start with Isabelle!


 Sparkle Dress- I personally don’t like this very much, but it’s still cute. I mean it is sorta fun, but my dolls would never really WEAR this so it’s a complete waste of money for ME. I know lots of people would like this, but since half of Izzy’s collection is pink this may just be TOO pink. I do love those shoes! 😉


Isabelle’s Makeup Box- I really like AG’s idea but I do not wear makeup nor do my dolls. Although, since Isabelle is a dancer, she needs this. I created my own though! And is it just me or is it kinda weird that her lip gloss and spray bottle say “Isabelle”????


Coconut Cutie Outfit.- I did purchase this and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It is super cute and so worth it! Lots of people say the skirt does not need to layers or the poofies (flowers) but it looks so cute in person!


Starry Hoodie Outfit- This is so cute! I love the sweatshirt and she leggings are ADORABLE!!! The shoes are cute, too!


School Stripes Dress- This was really cute! I love the shoes and the little pocket! ^_^


Bright Stripes Outfit- This is also very cute. I am not a fan of the stars everywhere but I love everything else! 🙂


Petals and Plaid PJs- These are adorable! I love the off the shoulder look! ((Remember This post?) I really would like these on Elizabeth or Saige.


Sparkly Camping Outfit- Umm.. I love it but I’m confused. Who wears sparkles while camping? But I love the shorts! BTW, Our Generation has similar shoes for dolls! 😀


Skateboarding Set- I am in LOVE with that outfit! I don’t skateboard but I love the tunic. I love to see AG taking on older age groups! 🙂

2-in-1-Cheer Outfit- I don’t cheer but I know many girls do. I did like the old AG cheer outfit because everything kind of seems like AG is ignoring Innerstar U. 😦 Also, does it seem like that looks like a mix of the current Gymnastics set???


Karate Set- I, yet again, do not have any interest in Karate but my friend and sibling do!


Bee Myself Outfit- I do like where AG was going but I’ve heard AG put it together in 1 piece.

Now for MAG furniture and accessories!


Bouquet Bed and Bedding- I love this but it is sort of expensive and AG has a trundle bed already! 😦 I wish they made it a bunk bed!


Bouquet Nightstand- I think this looks a bit like my dresser but mine is white! 🙂 I love how they have another alarm clock like McKenna’s!


Doodle Backpack Set- I’m confused. Why did they retire the old set? I really enjoyed it.


Sunset Sleepover bag – This is cute and I like the pillow!


Sunset Sleepover Tent- I think the old one was way cuter. Seriously, two items for $85???


Camp Treats Set- I love this! So cute!!!


Trail Accessories- This is super cute! I love the hat and the Trail mix! It reminds me of McKenna’s Trail mix! 🙂

Accent Braids Set- These are cute but couldn’t you do that yourself?

Jeweled Highlights- These are cute, too! I love the new colors! 🙂

Earring Tree- Aww! I loved the Storage tower tree but not for $85. (Or however much it costs!)


Doodle Earrings- I love how they have the bows like earrings girls would wear! 🙂

Pet Earrings- Is it just me or do they look like the ones from a few years ago??


Wrap Watch- I absolutely love it! The wrap style is so cute!


Violet Heart Watch- This is cute but why would I spend $8 on a watch without numbers??? XD


Ring Set- I’d buy this but Saige’s ring (Which I do love) is sitting in my dolls’ jewelry box. 😦

So I hope you enjoyed!

Also, I saw everything in person! 🙂

All opinions are 100% my own!







20 thoughts on “New AG Releases! Our thoughts….. MAG & GOTY Isabelle!

  1. Great reviews. I agree about the sparkly camping outfit. And currently the OG shoes are on sale for $4.99…their version of those pink boots included. (At least they were at our Target this last Saturday.)

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