Isabelle’s Room Tour!

Hi! It’s Isabelle here today and I am going to show you my bedroom!


Here’s an overview! My room features a sewing space, bed nightstand, and other fun accessories.


This is my sewing center. On the table I have buttons, a sewing machine, my pincushion, scissors and some other supplies.


A closer look. In the background I have several shopping bags because I love to shop to get inspired!


Beside my desk I have a box full of fabrics.


Beside my nightstand I keep my radio for when I practice, my makeup box- although it mostly holds hair things!-, and my ballet shoes for performances.


On top of my nightstand I keep my glasses, some Febreeze-like stuff, a coral lamp, some books, and a bow from Eunice. Also, my nightstand is homemade by mom, but if you’d like a tutorial, comment below!


This is my bed. It is from the hotel package at AG. the bedding came with it but mom made the grey pillow and the stuffed animals are from Ugly Dolls, and Toys R Us.


A closer look. Everything is really comfy and the bed is especially because it’s like sleeping on a pillow! XD


In this corner I have my other ballet slippers because you can never have too many ballet slippers!


And of course I have some posters! I have a ballerina painting and two flyers from a ballet.


I also have a ballerina silhouette mom made, a poster, and a movie flyer!

I hope you enjoyed my room tour! Now mom needs to talk so bye!

Isabelle Palmer signing off!  ♥


Hi guys! Ella here! This is just a quick little thing. I have a question….

Should I start a human blog?????

This blog would be about non-AG related things. Sure, AG might be mentioned every so often. Don’t worry this blog will still be my main blog and I am not leaving. Please comment below your thoughts!






12 thoughts on “Isabelle’s Room Tour!

  1. That’s so cute, you did really good on the sewing machine! 😉 Yes! I would love for you to start a human blog! ~Leah

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