American Girl Reviews: Coconut Cutie Outfit! + UPDATES

Hi! Today I have a review for you!


Here is Saige wearing the outfit.


The shirt has a Coconut Graphic and says “Express Your Style”.


A close up. The writing is lilac and sparkly.


The skirt is a coral/orange color. It is two layers. One is made of tulle, the other a light fabric.


The waist is AMAZING! It feels like my waistbands on my skirts!


The second layer is great! It is just orange.


The shoes are awesome! They have flowers on them and coral straps! I love them!


The last part of the outfit is the barrettes. They are plastic and in the colors fuchsia and lilac. If you have seen Kit’s Barrette, these are very similar.


Overall I give this outfit a 5 out of 5 stars!



So sorry, our last post was Sunday! Anyhow, we’ve had Church Camp. Also, next week, we’re leaving for North Carolina. I will be taking Isabelle and Elizabeth. Bye my lovelies!




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