Photoshoot Sneak-Peak and Update!

Hello! Yes, we arrived safely! Anyhow, I am posting on my dad’s computer, and it doesn’t have a card reader! So he had to email me some of the pics from a recent photoshoot! Also, I will probably not be able to post a lot this week, so when I get back, lots of postiness!

Also, I will try to post more but school starts on August 28th (BeForever does too!) so I won’t have as much free time. Now, for the sneak-peak!


I’m excited! Also, please leave post requests! And guess what? Maybe tomorrow I’ll take Saige to the ocean! I mean for a photoshoot! Bye!





29 thoughts on “Photoshoot Sneak-Peak and Update!

  1. Are you excited for BeForever? Do you think you will like the changes? I am not sure if I will….
    I think your posts are pretty good right now, but If you have one of the AG doll kits(like Doll Star, Doll Travel, etc) I would love a review of one of those! I have Doll School and Doll Boutique, and my sisters have Doll Dining, Doll Scrapbook, Doll Crafts, and Doll Parties, so I am thinking about buying another one sometime. 🙂

    ~Christian Homeschooler

    P.S. I entered a photo contest on The Doll Wardrobe! If you like my photo, I would be delighted if you could vote for me! Here is my entry:
    I would also love to know what you think of it! 🙂

  2. It is good to hear you got there safely. That picture of Izzy is beautiful!! The sunset is so perfect!! If you have not already done one you should do a dollhouse tour, I did one recently and it was a HUGE hit! And if you have any AG blog friends that you know you could do a collab post like I did with my friend that would be fun! I hope you enjoy there rest of your vacation! And the rest of your summer. My sister leaves for collage in 2 weeks and I’m so sad : ( Anyway, byeeeee \
    -Hayley- (AKA DollDIYs)

  3. yaya! I’m so happy you got there safe! ❤ I really like your blog, but I would love for you to do a photostory or maybe a stopmotion, maybe you could do a Q&A i love Q&A's! 😀

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