Fudgesicle Award!


Today I’ll be doing the Fudgesicle Award from Leah


Let’s get started! 

First Picture you ever posted on your blog?

It was a picture off of the AG website of Elizabeth (AKA MAG#57) The post was pretty bad. 😛

Best Online Friend?

All my readers! Although….. I have become close with AGDTime and DollDIYs. 

Camera Type?

Kodak EasyShare M340

Skater Skirts or Sweatpants?

Skater Skirts!

Favorite Doll Clothing piece you own?

I love Isabelle’s coral Sweater! 


now for my questions!

Hot Weather or cold weather?

Are you Home schooled or Public School?

Yoga Pants or Maxi Skirts?

T-shirt or blouse?

AGTube or YouTube?

I nominate…..

Anyone who wants this Award! 

Have fun!




19 thoughts on “Fudgesicle Award!

  1. Aww, you are one of my closest AG blogger too! Besides my two friends in real life 😛 Not saying this isn’t real life but you know what I mean 😛 Have you followed americangirlguide?

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