Hi guys! So EVERYONE is doing this post, so I guess I should too! XD 



So I’ll tell you what I think of their “Meet” outfits.

Kaya: I never read her books so I don’t know how she dresses, but I like the new outfit!

Caroline: I like that AG kept it the same, but I think they changed the collar, I think…….

Joesifina: Eh….. I didn’t read her books either. 😛

Addy: WHY THE HECK DID AG MAKE IT LOOK LIKE ADDY OWNED A PLANTATION???? I mean Addy ran away from the plantation. It looks like Cecile’s dress. I do sorta like it, though.

Samantha: It looks like Kit’s Candy making dress. I think it’s kinda cute.

Rebecca: I LOVE that dress!! I might want Rebecca now…

Kit: I think AG should have made it lighter colors, because, like Rhonda said, the color of her dress is more of an eighties color!

Julie: I kinda like it, but wasn’t her old one fine?

Bye guys, and tell me your thoughts! 




10 thoughts on “BeForever

  1. Julie’s: I LOVE IT!!!! I like it A LOT better than her old one.
    Samantha’s: I think it’s pretty, but i thought Samantha never liked wearing fancy, pink dresses?
    Kit’s: I LOVE IT!!
    Josefina’s: I like it! It’s more colorful!
    Addy’s: Her old one was a lot better. I don’t like this one.
    Rebecca’s: I love it!
    Caroline’s: I’m really glad that they didn’t change hers because I really liked it.
    Kaya’s: I guess it’s alright.

  2. I own Josephina and I think that the blue with the red looks bad, and sorry to say this but I kinda hate Rebecca’s outfit. I know you like it so I don’t want to upset you or anything, but we all have different opinions, right? And Kaya’s is the same as her old one I’m pretty sure.
    I like Julie’s but I liked her old one a little better 🙂 But i really do like that you can buy the meet outfits separately!

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