Electronics hate me.

 Electronics hate me. Why, you ask?

My camera broke. WordPress is still being a meanie.

So, how’s you’re day going?

So…. yeah. No 2 Dolls. 1 Outfit. No Saige and Isabelle’s Trip. And noTarget haul or no entry for the AGPC…… 😦

Hopefully I’ll get a camera soon.

But now for good news!!!!!

How would you like a new series???? (Like the OOTW series on AGTube except different!)

I would call it “What to wear” and basically each week the dolls will do the post. You will vote on which outfit you would wear and then I’ll tally up the votes.

Question 2? Do you guys want 25 Days of The Dollidays again? I enjoyed it and it was a big hit to some people!

Tell us in the comments!

P.S. School starts on Thursday! 😦




Get it? 5 for Me, Saige, Elizabeth, MG, and Isabelle!



6 thoughts on “Electronics hate me.

  1. Aw, my camera broke a little bit ago at the beach. But my mom has a camera that I use, will you still be posting without your camera? I would love that series and the 25 holidays thing!

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