Little Update…..


So I know we all hate these posts, but I just want to let you know what’s going on!

Starting tomorrow, is school. 😛 So less frequent posts. Plus I might start ballet and swimming. And then I have extra classes. (Like honor classes) And band. And chorus. and homework. And this year is going is going to be busy because next year I go to junior high. Ugg. Plus, I am in intermediate band so that’s even more work. And then I have clubs. And if I get into student council I have that. So, does that cover it? Yes, my lovelies, I believe so. 

Have a great day!


Some Ramdom pics!






2 thoughts on “Little Update…..

  1. With the exception of school, these are all activities you chose and enjoy, right? Then just have a great time being with your choir, band, ballet, etc. friends. When you have time to post, do so. We’ll be happy to have a new post pop into our inboxes, even if less frequent. Best wishes for a great Fall semester!

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