Meet the dolls!

Welcome to Itsadollworld’s Meet The Dolls Page!

We have 4 American Girl dolls!


This is Elizabeth. She is my first AG.

I received her Christmas 2012!

Name- Elizabeth Marie

Type- My AG #57

Age- 11

Hobbies- Reading, swimming, softball, drawing, adventuring, flute, Dance, Yoga, photography, baking


  • Color- Pink
  • Food- Sushi
  • Song- Icing
  • Movie-Catching Fire
  • Book(s)- Hunger Games series



Saige is my second AG! I bought her by myself July 17th 2013 at AGP DC!

Name- Saige Nicole

Type- AG GOTY 2013

Age- 11

Hobbies- Art, Horseback riding, writing stories, swimming, cooking,


  • Color- Blue
  • Food- Tacos
  • Song- Ho Hey
  • Movie- Hunger Games
  • Book(s)- Mocking Jay



I got Marie-Grace for Christmas 2013!

Name- Marie-Grace Elaine

Type- AG Historical 1853

Age- 11

Hobbies- sewing, singing, Baking, writing, ballet, reading.


  • Color- Purple
  • Food- Creme Brulee
  • Song- She loves all Nutcracker songs!
  • Movie- Le Miserables
  • Book(s)- The Lost Hero



Isabelle Palmer

I bought Isabelle with my own money on June 27th 2014.

Name- Isabelle Grace

Type- GOTY 2014

Age- 11

Hobbies- Ballet, singing, photography, etsy, writing, interior design, Starbucks, and shopping.


  • Color- Coral
  • Food- Pumkin spice bagels with cinnamon butter!
  • Song- “Brick by Boring Brick”
  • Movie- Does Aspen Heights count? I’m obsessed!
  • Book(s)- Percy Jackson series!




Thank you for checking out our page!

~Itsadollworld Team~



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